Top 7 Best Taxi Services in Cyprus in 2020

The landscape of the transport infrastructure in Cyprus changed dramatically over the course of the last 10 years. As the government invested significant resources in improving various facilities for tourists and encouraging local businesses to attract more foreigners to local beaches and cultural landmarks, the question of transportation also proved to be a tough nut to crack. Let’s talk about the best taxi services in Cyprus in 2020. Services like CYPRUSTAXI24 and you can confidently choose one of them!

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TOP7 Taxi Service Providers in Cyprus




CyprusTaxi24An online provider with a massive fleet of premium and standard cars


nTaxiThe local mobile app focused on serving Cyprus citizens and guests


iTaxiA reliable taxi service provider focused on express trips


e-Cyprus TaxiLarnaca Airport taxi service that serves arriving passengers


Bolt CyprusAn Uber-like app for Cypriots and tourists


Travel&Express One of the oldest taxi service providers on the island operating since 1999


CYTRANSFERS Local taxi service with a wide range of services


  1. Why do you need to check out the best taxi services in Cyprus?
    • The best taxi services in Cyprus go online
    • Our list of TOP7 best taxi services in Cyprus in 2020
      • #1. CyprusTaxi24.
      • #2. nTaxi.
      • #3. iTaxi.
      • #4. E-Cyprus Taxi.
      • #5. Bolt, Nicosia.
      • #6. Travel&Express.
      • #7. CYTRANSFERS.
  2. Still, have questions about the best taxi services in Cyprus?
    • How to choose the best taxi service in Cyprus?
    • Which is the best taxi service in Cyprus in 2020?
    • How much are taxis in Cyprus?
    • Is there Uber or Lyft in Cyprus?
    • Are taxi rides safe in Cyprus?

Why do you need to check out the best taxi services in Cyprus?

A quick overview of the current situation in the transportation infrastructure of the island will tell you a very interesting story. The number of public buses and coaches has grown from 1903 in 2005 to 2541 in 2012 (a 33% increase) and the number of rental cars available has been stagnant with the growth of a measly 3.8% over the same period of time.

The capacity of local taxi services in Cyprus, however, decreased despite the demand. The overall decrease observed in the industry (in terms of licensed vehicles) is roughly 3.7%. Since taxi is still the preferred method of commuting for all foreigners, the importance of the services is hard to overestimate. Local taxis are luxurious cars with all the necessary amenities to make passengers feel special.

“There are shared and private taxi services, which can be divided into three types. Trans-urban ones get you from one town to another. Rural taxis connect the rural areas to the closest city and urban taxis offer their services within the cities.”

The best taxi services in Cyprus go online

The change in direction was drastic for the whole Cypriot economy. The focus on tourism increased the number of foreign visitors dramatically since the middle of the 1990s. Since 2005, the island sees over 3.8 million arrivals with over 2.4 million arrivals representing tourists coming from Europe, Asia, and the Americas. At the same time, the world has been slowly shifting to moving many services at least partially online.

“Reduced taxi fare and ease of booking through mobile apps are the major factors that have driven the online booking segment type to capture a major share of more than 40% of the taxi market in 2017, globally.”

Mordor Intelligence

Local taxi providers did not lag behind and went online at the beginning of the 2010s. All of the services discussed below are available via either a website or an app.

Our list of TOP7 best taxi services in Cyprus in 2020

With competition so fierce, there are many operators that unite licensed drivers and offer all kinds of services. Since many companies do look alike, finding the right provider is tricky for many foreigners who arrive in Cyprus for the first time. Here are some of the local transportation businesses that might interest you (ranked from best to worst).

#1. CyprusTaxi24.

This is, certainly, one of the best taxi services in Cyprus. The company is focused on providing the highest level of service possible while staying devoted to the idea of surrounding clients with attention and comfort. Passengers can choose from three levels of comfort:

  • Standard for regular quick rides;
  • Comfort with more comfort options;
  • Premium aimed at VIP clients.

With a massive fleet of cars featuring standard sedans, estate vehicles, minivans, and even large buses, the company operates in all cities of Cyprus. Operators, as well as vehicles, are available 24/7. The company offers a wide array of products:

  1. Private excursions or group tours;
  2. Wine-tasting tours across the island;
  3. Transfers to/from Paphos and Larnaca airports.

The company has a website with detailed information about the most popular routes, available vehicles, comfort levels, and communication channels. One of the most convenient features is an online calculator that tells you the price of a ride before you decide to order it.

#2. nTaxi.

Featured in one of the articles on, this Limassol-based operator is using a freshly developed ride-booking app for iPhones and Android devices. The app allows you to choose the destination and the type of vehicle. While in the vehicle, the app displays distance covered and additional information about the trip.

The website is also slightly outdated featuring a live-chat connected to the FaceBook messaging system which is not always preferable. There are several ways to contact the provider:

  • Using your email;
  • Through the FaceBook messenger;
  • By calling one of the phone numbers (English operators are not always available).

The absence of customer support via popular messengers such as Viber, Telegram or WhatsApp is surprising considering the fact that the service is called iTaxi.

#4. E-Cyprus Taxi.

This is one of the best taxi services in Cyprus if you are looking specifically for quicky transfers from the Larnaca International Airport. The operator stations most of its vehicles at the island’s air gate. Since the cars are stationed nearby, you will always find a quick ride. However, prices are quite high with a €99 price tag on a trip from the airport to Coral Bay in a substandard vehicle often without air conditioning and additional amenities like wi-fi and fresh water.

  1. You can use a variety of ways to contact e-Cyprus which is a good thing:
  2. Use Facebook or Instagram to contact the company;
  3. Get in touch with managers via WhatsApp or Viber;
  4. Use the phone or email.

The website does not have a live chat feature which is something that modern online businesses must have to stay competitive. The lack of information about the fleet is also something inconvenient. On the other hand, the company has a limo.

#5. Bolt, Nicosia.

The youngest of the best taxi services in Cyprus. The company is built around the same principle as Uber. It employs drivers, often without licenses, to provide a wide range of services like deliveries and transfers. Bolt is an international company that wants to get started in Nicosia and Cyprus before Lyft or Uber arrives inevitably.

Bold has a nice app that works on both Android-powered devices and iPhones. It also partners with local taxi services and also rents out scooters. Here is an incomplete list of services offered by Bolt:

  • Regular rides within Nicosia and between cities;
  • Food deliveries and business deliveries;
  • High-end vehicles for corporate and VIP clients;
  • Scooters for rent and partner programs.

The only big negative of the service is that it is all over the place. Getting decent communication with relevant information from the support team is not easy at all. It is also hard to verify the reliability and experience of drivers.

#6. Travel&Express.

In 1999, several small-time taxi services in Cyprus decided to create a big corporation eventually merging together Kyriacos, Karydas, Makris, Acropolis, and Kypros taxi services. The united company has representatives in all parts of the island and offers standard rides to its clients. One of the best taxi services in Cyprus offers a variety of products to its clients:

  • VIP transfers with premium cars;
  • Taxi cabs for hire and excursions;
  • Transfers from airports and seaports;
  • Courier deliveries within and to Cyprus.

You can call local phone numbers, contact the managers via WhatsApp or Viber, and use the automatic booking system alongside email. The only problem is that the service is still somewhat segmented. You may need to make a couple of calls and contact multiple managers before you get the one representing the service in the city you need.

The information about the fleets and available comfort options is lacking and you will find it difficult to inquire about these matters.


The final entry in our list of the best taxi services in Cyprus is CYTRANSFERS. The company claims to be the most affordable operator out there. However, their pricing model is not the one that offers you the cheapest options. You can certainly find cheaper, and probably, better rides. However, you should not discount this company completely.

CYTRANSFERS offers a rich array of services including:

  1. VIP and private transfers in luxurious cars;
  2. Quick trips from/to all airports and seaports;
  3. Relatively quick local and intercity trips;
  4. Courier services and conference event transfers.

About the prices: a ride from Larnaca airport in a standard taxi with four seats will cost you above €110 which is not the lowest price out there. In addition, you don’t really know which car will arrive to pick you up. You will also have to call the phone number or use email to communicate with the service that is supposedly operating online.

Still, have questions about the best taxi services in Cyprus?

You should never choose a service without subjecting it to scrutiny. Let’s discuss how you can choose the best taxi service in Cyprus. Here are some of the answers to frequently asked questions about this topic.

How to choose the best taxi service in Cyprus?

One of the most important aspects of an online service is communication. Maintaining a reliable connection with customers is what any taxi service provider should be focused on. If a company does not use all possible forms of communication it is certainly not a good sign. Messengers, live chats, emails, and phone calls should all be used extensively.

Which is the best taxi service in Cyprus in 2020?

If we had to pick the best taxi service in Cyprus, CYPRUSTAXI24 and Bolt would be both great contenders. The former offers online calculators, online payments, and the richest variety of communication methods. The latter is an established international franchise that also has an app. Both companies are well-suited to operate online.

How much are taxis in Cyprus?

A typical ride within Nicosia or Larnaca costs anywhere from 5 to 15 euros depending on the distance and other factors. Intercity trips and airport transfers can be priced very differently. If you order a premium car, it may cost you about 150 euros to get from the Larnaca International to Nicosia.

Is there Uber or Lyft in Cyprus?

We wouldn’t call Uber or Lyft the best taxi service in Cyprus even they were operating here. However, we do recognize that many people prefer such services to licensed drivers. Unfortunately, neither Uber or Lyft received permission to operate in Cyprus due to strict local regulations in regard to business practices and safety.

Are taxi rides safe in Cyprus?

The vast majority of drivers have licenses (they are not permitted to work without them) and have years of experience in driving. The traffic on the island is not that dense either. In terms of overall road safety, the country reported one of the lowest road accidents per capita numbers (5,1) which is way below the international average of 17.4.

“The average [road accidents per capita] rate was 17.4 per 100,000 people. Low-income countries now have the highest annual road traffic fatality rates, at 24.1 per 100,000, while the rate in high-income countries is lowest, at 9.2 per 100,000.”


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