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Code Camp: Nerds Unite!

A couple of weekends ago we sent two Click A Taxi developers to code camp to hack away at a top-secret project. Peter Theill and Christoffer Petersen fill us in on what they did. 

Hey clickers,

My name is Peter Theill and I’m the Client Developer and one of the co-founders here at Click A Taxi. As the client developer, it is my job to build the interfaces that make using the app straightforward and efficient. When you open the app to order a cab from your iPhone, Android device or Windows Phone, the screens you use have all been built by my team and myself. One exciting element of my job is deciding which platforms we will work with next – and it’s not always about mobile platforms either.

Over the last month or so we (the development team at Click A Taxi) have been exploring the capabilities of the new Windows 8 system. We were excited by the refreshing new look and it wasn’t long before we were itching to try out our development skills in the new environment.

So when the opportunity to attend a Windows 8 Code Camp came we jumped at it! I enlisted fellow Click A Taxi developer, Christoffer Petersen and a few Fridays ago we said goodbye to Copenhagen and boarded a train to rural Denmark to partake in a weekend of hardcore coding. Our challenge: build a working version of Click A Taxi for Windows 8 in just under forty-eight hours.

After a friendly welcome dinner our camp leaders laid out the rules for development in the new Windows environment. Windows 8 has a strict set of guidelines for designing its UX … it's still looking "metro" (or let's call it "modern style" to satisfy everyone) so we had to use some time figuring out how to design a screen "the right way". It's very refreshing to see this kind of strict guidelines and will result in similar looking apps over time. This is a good thing for users.

As usual from MS the integrated development environment is just awesome and makes you spit out code faster than you can finish your free cokes.

So what is code camp like? It’s a room full of (mainly) men working with a concentration that you have probably never witnessed before with the aid of a lot of snack food and caffeinated beverages. The coding began on Friday night directly after dinner and, for some people, didn’t stop all weekend. We were lucky to sneak six hours sleep. The group consisted of a mixture of students trying out their skills and business groups like us, going all in on product development.

And what do we have to show for it? Here’s a sneak peek of the Click A Taxi concierge service for Windows 8.

click a taxi concierge


The service will enable fixed address businesses such as hotels to book taxis using Click A Taxi. It’s efficient - and we think it looks pretty darn good too. 

Peter Theill and Christoffer Bo Petersen. 

Posted by Claire Bertolus on Wednesday, October 10, 2012