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Dublin Web Summit 2012 Wrap Up: "What's a 12 Year Old Asian Kid Doing Onstage?"

Click A Taxi co-founder and Head of Communications, Nikolaj Køster, gives us the lo down on what happend at the Dublin Web Summit 2012. 

We just returned from Europe's largest tech conference as invites of START, a gathering of “the world’s most exciting and disruptive start-ups”. A huge thanks to Paddy and his team for providing an amazingly inspiring conference and doing a terrific job of pushing interaction and not just consumption (we met a ton of great people instead of just listening to them).

Dublin web summit intro pic


Great to see Kasper Hutlin from fellow Danish start up Podio give a talk on the future of work, we picked up nice tech swag t-shirts from the fine folks at Zendesk and Twillio (we use and love both their services) and Pinterest co-founder Paul Sciarra gave insightful views on the early days of the company. 

Other highlights? Flipboard’s Mike McCue, favourited my tweet (!!) Totally start-up star struck. Their app is seriously changing news and publishing and is by miles our favourite news reader. On iOS and Android, pick it up if you don’t have it. Mike, beers on us.  


we favourite you too mike

Out and about in Dublin, we crashed the Google Ventures roof top party and had dinner at the amazing Guinness Storehouse. We munched stewed meat and drank Guinness straight from the bat cave’s engine room. We stayed at a charming former boarding school turned hotel. Oh and our partner company, Global Taxis, are both very knowledgeable and friendly drivers (well we knew that). We would recommended the Monkfish at Roly’s restaurant (excellent choice) and when you can’t do any more Dublin Pub Crawls, just ask you driver for the nearest cinema (The Campaign, Will Ferrel is always hilarious) and a McD and he’ll take you straight to it. Boom.

And the 12 year old asian kid? Those words came from Brian Wong (pictured below) in reference to his own diminuative stature. He’d missed two flights from US and used his four minutes to wow the audience. Wong is the rocket boy of the Kiip gamification platform, formerly at DIGG and named in "The Top 5 Young Entrepreneurs to Watch" in 2012 by Mashable. Check him out.

Brian Wong . Kiipjpg

BRIAN WONG of kiip

Thanks again Web Summit, top grades from us. One love.

Nikolaj Køster

Click A Taxi co-founder and Director of Communications. 

Posted by Claire Bertolus on Wednesday, October 24, 2012