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Welcome to Flemming, our new hot shot designer!

Flemming Rasmussen is ready to dominate the game here at Click A Taxi HQ!

We are so excited to welcome Flemming Rasmussen, our new Head of User Experience & Design, to the Click A Taxi family this month!

Flemming has over 10 years' experience in graphic design and user interfaces, and is joining us from his position as Co-founder and Head of UX & Design at Bigger, having provided digital creative solutions for the likes of Microsoft, Pepsi, Sony, Carlsberg, Novozymes, NASA and many more! He also shreds up the slopes on his telemark skis in the winter and is an aspiring kite surfer!

We caught up with Flemming to find out what he thinks about it all, check it out.

CAT: So Flemming, let's get right to it, what attracted you to CAT as a successful and established Head of UX & Design and what would you like to bring to the table?

Flemming: The atmosphere at a startup company like CAT combined with the goal of world domination that everyone who works here shares were very attractive elements for me. I believe that the user experience of our products plays a big role in all the elements of building a strong brand and I hope to help build and design the best experience for the suite of products that CAT has in the pipeline.

CAT: What makes user experience & design so challenging and important?

Flemming: I find it very challenging to examine the tasks we are solving by turning big amounts of data and complex, information-heavy software into clean, usable interface designs that helps and guides the user in their daily tasks. All this while at the same time keeping the visuals sexy enough to give the user a positive experience and make sure they love using our products across multiple devices and platforms.

CAT: What inspires your work?

Flemming: Of course I look at trends and use of the latest technologies to combine value for users. I tend towards minimalistic design, using key elements to add simplicity on top of complex content. Visually, I've never been a fan of the skeumorphism concept Apple has taken a lot of beating for. I like the minimalistic style Microsoft has made mainstream with their Metro design, but seeing it copied everywhere these days, with varying levels of success, proves that it still takes a skilled designer to design a good, minimalistic user experience, regardless of the product.

CAT: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! We're looking forward to seeing how we can keep Click A Taxi at the forefront of user interface & experience and can't wait to have your creative perspective in the office!

Posted by Marcel Bratter on Tuesday, February 5, 2013