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Venture Beat: Denmark’s startup scene heats up. Here are 5 companies to watch.

Venture Beat names Click A taxi amongst the top five Danish startups to keep an eye on. 19/10/2012

"A couple of weeks ago CNN Money wrote an article on seven cities they thought would be thriving as startup hubs in the future. On this list was the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen.

And there is a lot of promising potential in Copenhagen. Besides some groundbreaking technical developments such as Ruby on Rails, which was made by Dane David Heinemeier Hansson, C++ made by Bjarne Stroustrup, PHP by Rasmus Lerdorf and partially Danish Skype, co-working spaces such as Founder's House are starting to appear...

Here’s a list of five Denmark-based startups worth watching..."

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Posted by Claire Bertolus on Wednesday, October 24, 2012